Thursday, 12 March 2015

Asia's Got Talent!

Siapa tengok Asia's Got Talent Ep 1 malam tadi? Mesti dah jadi trending since last nite. Tak sangka kakjah & bang-aji pun boleh terjebak tengok. Tutup muka. He he...

Mula tu saja nak tengok suka2 je tapi ended up sampai habis show. Luckily Abang pun dah habis exam so bolehlah stay up tengok TV sampai kul 10. 

Sebelum ni saya tengok jugak America's Got Talent tapi idaklah hook macam malam tadi. Itupun kadang2 dan tak pernah sampai habis show. Their contestants normally will sing or perform a stand up comedy. Tau la omputeh ni kan semua benda dia buat lawak termasuklah hal2 18SX. Itu yang malas nak nonton tu. But it is a different story for the Asia's GT. Mungkin culture kita lebih kurang sama so most of the performances are acceptable. 

Those who made it to the next round include a 10-y/o Gwyn who sing her heart out with a remarkable voice, a shy guy from India who sang an opera song with a superb voice and several group dancers and performers. None from Malaysia though. However the show stealer was Gonzo, a tambourine master from Japan. Wait. Have you ever heard such thing as a tambourine master? Ha ha... this guy is really hilarious. I don't know how hard it is to play a tambourine but it seems that this guy has a big talent. Even David Foster gave him a nod. One team named Time Machine performed a robotic dance and got a golden buzz from one of the judges, the super-hot Van Ness Wu. Where's on earth this guy come from? Never heard about him before but surely he is amazing. But sorry dude, i am married. Hahaha. LOL please.

 Other judges include a timeless beautiful Anggun and Mel C of Spice Girl. They are  soooo real!Mel even went on stage to try a skipping dance with her miniskirt! I bet Anggun also wished to do so but being an Asian she hold herself. 

Can't wait for the next episodes. Hope to see more Malaysian talents in the coming shows. 

Have a HILARIOUS weekend! 


  1. saya tgk part budak 10 tahun from Philippines myamyi sambil main gitar tu je... pastu tukar channel lain... eheheh....