Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I thought I was prepared but I'm not!

It is an honor for the host to see guests attending their events turn up in appropriate and decent dress. On the other hand, it is the guests way of expressing their gratitude to the host for being invited to the functions. Therefore I pick the best baju kurung that I have, a lace baju kurung which also my last year baju raya  to attend a friend's wedding last week. The wedding was held at the bride's kampung in Jerantut. In anticipating a long journey to the kenduri I prepared a standby baju for each of us. Mine was a simple & cutting-free (loose) black jubah which I normally wear for a simple outing like going to sundry shop or while receiving unexpected guests at home. I chose the jubah because I was expecting a smooth journey to the kenduri.  It was really meant for emergency case, if any, which I expect to be occurred on the way back home because the kids might be tired after a long journey. 

Nak dijadikan cerita, belum pun sampai ke genting sempah my dear lil Balqis muntah! Maybe coz the jalan quite bengkang bengkok ataupun berada di high latitude she feels uncomfortable so she vomit. 

As i was holding her, habis kena kain my lovely baju kurung. Baju & tudung selamat tapi i nak pakai dgn apakan... Nak tak nak terpaksa le tukar dgn baju standby. 

Though the wedding was held at her house in kampung but obviously I felt a little uncomfortable with the jubah because I was underdress. I feel sorry for the host. nak pulak her parents knew that we were from KL. Jatuh standard mokcik :) huhu...

Next time I need to be more prepared. Maybe standby another pair of baju kurung is better. Lesson learned.

To Atirah & Shamsuddin; 
Selamat Pengantin Baru
The journey just begun. Moga beroleh bahagia yang dicita.

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  1. memang rasa weird kan kalo x dress for occasion... heheheh...