Friday, 27 January 2017

Monkey Attack!

I placed Adik onto the walker and gave her a ball to play with. I took a copy of newspaper and sat by the door. Adik was sitting near the shoe rack. 

Suddenly I heard she screamed and cried. Before I could glance at her, I heard Kakak said; "cat!". No it wasn't a cat, it was a MONKEY! 

I grabbed her and tried to scare away the monkey. He stepped back but didn't run. I handed Adik to Abang and throw a shoe to him. He backed off but still sitting on the fence. I took a cloth hanger and threw it to him. Yes! It hit him and he ran away. I checked on Adik's head, face and hands and alhamdulillah everything was OK. She also stopped crying.

However, not long after Abang noticed there were few scratchers on her chest. My heart stopped! 

The monkey has attacked Adik. He tried to grab the ball I guessed. He might thought the ball which Adik was holding was a fruit, judging from the color, orange. 

We then discovered another wound on Adik's back. This one was worse. About 4-inch cut. I couldn't bring myself to imagine how she got the cut. The monkey possibly jumped onto her back. It was horrible! 

Day 1

Day 2
It's getting better

This monkey has been roaming in our neighborhood for months. We usually see him on the trees, roof and sometimes on our neighbors' verandah. He never come to our porch before. I am thinking of reporting the case to the authority to prevent another untoward incidents in the future. 

We must be extra careful next time. 

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