Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Money Saving Challenge

Few days ago, my friend Cikbi shared with us a money saving chart. I think it is very useful and cool too. 

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I have to skip these two because this is not viable for us. Most of our weekly budget goes to grocery shopping. Ngam-ngam je. It seems OK for the earlier weeks but later on the amount need to be saved becomes bigger. We might have to get extra fund, which might affect other expenses. So forget about them :) 

Meanwhile, I like to try the following methods. 
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 Though we are required to save a big amount of money but it is on monthly basis, which is easier and viable for us. Look at the total saving the we will have at the end of the year. Enticing!

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I like this one very much. Every time you get green note (rm5) or orange note (rm20) keep it in your tabung. However rm20 is a big money for me. So I substitute with gold coins. Lets make it fun while saving okeh

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Though this is meant for kids, but I want to try also. I have briefed Abang about this challenge and he seems to understand. To encourage him, I will do it too. We will see at the end of the year who has more saving. Another method that I will try is to save rm1 per day. I have done this before it was successful.  

Undoubtedly we need discipline in doing this. Can't wait to see the result, in another 363 days insha Allah. 

To get a clearer idea, please read this. 
Good luck! 

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