Sunday, 8 January 2017

Kakak 1st Haircut

One two three... Ready for action

I promised to bring her to a saloon to get her hair cut. And she was so exited with the idea. However we didn't manage to materialize the idea. Poor Kakak :(

Every time I comb her hair, I told her we should cut the ekor rambut as they started to become dry and kusam. After so much delay, we managed to cut her hair. While she was ready, me on the other hand feel reluctant to do so. Tetiba rasa sayang pulak dgn rambut tu. But I soldiered on. 

I was both proud and sad. Proud because I am able to cut my daughter's hair (what an achievement hahaha ) and was the first barber of her life :p However I was also sad at the same time, losing such a beautiful curl on her hair. But it will grow again, never mind. By the way, it was only 2-inch length. Overlah Umi ni :)


  1. Amna's first barber was her papa ;-) husband saya yg cukur rambut dia masa dia dua bulan.

  2. Aah la... Kakak pun Walid dia yg cukurkan mass baby. Lupa pulak :)