Friday, 6 June 2014

Spring Cleaning

I brave myself to do a spring cleaning today. The chosen area is our guest room. The room also housed our daily clothes, boxes of pre-loved items as well as my not-so-many handbag collection. It also serves as iron room for us.

Last night  I started to categorize kids clothes. All baby stuff are put in a big storage box. Since balqis is 7-month she doesn't need the stuff anymore. Too soon to give it to others because we want balqis to have adik/s first :) Hubby jokes that he wants to sell the stuff but i prefer to keep them for our grandchildren. Hahaha...

Since we get married the no of hubby' baju melayu are increasing. Ye la kan, every year tempah baju melayu for raya. So today i seperated the baju and the seluar sbb dia jarang pakai baju melayu sepasang except for certain occasions. Baju tu saya akan hantar dobi utk iron so he can wear it to go to surau while seluar saya simpan dlm storage box. So dapat 1 ruang utk simpan baju anak2. 

Koleksi baju melayu anak2 & hubby
Another interesting thing that I did was being able to let go my not-so-comfy-but-ugly white t-shirts! You know the ones that we always buy when we go for cuti2. Dolu2 rm5 je sehelai but now I don't know, the price must be higher. Most of these tees are hand-me-down shirts from my hubby. I pakai kat rumah je so hantam sajalah! Makin lama rasa macam makin kecik pulak t-shirt ni (haip! Bukan I yg makin besar tau) so let go je la. Turn on shopping mode :)

Half of the box are the white tees

I hate this one! It reads "orang utan Sabah" and I always tease hubby
when he wears this T. Hehe
I got this T during my internship with an NGO.
Dah berusia 12 tahun.
I bought this tee way back in 2003, during our honeymoon

Bought this one in mersing. Cuti2 mesia with dear hubby
You know what? Elok je I siap mengemas my hubby call. Our cousin is coming tonight to stay for a night. Alhamdulillah bilik dah berkemas. 


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