Sunday 22 December 2013

Cerita Hujung Minggu

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Last weekend we brought Lil' B for a wedding. She was 48-day and it was our first outing after confinement. Nina's wed was held at UPM Serdang. The kenduri was awesome especially the food which was very delicious. However, I have to skip the songkok tinggi cendol from Seremban and grilled lamb. Though my confinement is over, i still skip some food which deemed 'sejuk' or 'bisa'. We didn't wait for the bersanding ceremony and had not met the pengantin. It was a hot day and the kids need to get their afternoon nap so we left early.

And yesterday the bride came to visit Lil' B...he he.. she came with Ida and a friend, Lili. Nina and Ida were Hubby's former office mates. We knew each other for few years esp Ida. She will leave for UK next week to complete her ACCA course. We pray for both of them to have a smooth journey. For nina, a happy & blessed marriage and for ida, a great journey of achieving her dream. Insha Allah. 

Hadiah from Ida

Tada..cantek tak k baju ida bagi?

Dah pandai senyum tengok camera cik B sekarang ni..:)

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