Monday, 14 September 2015

Give away ~ pre-loved handbags

Recently I read about a method of arranging clusters in our home called Konmari as it is advocated by Marie Kondo. The Star is organizing a challenge for its readers to de-cluster their homes using this method. I am interested to try this method, at least on my personal level. The article comes at a very right time as I am thinking of de-clustering our home. There are a lot of un-used stuff stuck in boxes, racks, cupboards, wardrobes etc.
I am teaching myself to be moderate, to share more and to own less, in this context. 

The method asks us to gather all the things that we want to get rid of and decide which items to go. It recommends that we do it categorically; books, clothes, bags etc rather than tidying up room by room or a section by section. I couldn't do this at one go. I can't imagine how messy it will be if I were to collect all my stuff and choose them at one go. My main concern are the kids who will definitely give their 'helping hands', which will subsequently delay the process :)

Another idea that came to my mind was to sell those usable items to a bargain shops like Cash Converter. However I discovered from their website clothes & books are not accepted. Ironically clothes topped the chart for me to let go. Second are my handbags which I don't use. There are still in good condition but not used any more. So I decided to give them away.

So one fine day, I took all my handbags and carefully select those I no longer need. I managed to get only 5! Not that I have a small collection but it was rather my unwillingness to let them go (sigh). The essence of Kondo's method is to select items that spark joy to us. Unfortunately I found that many of the handbags are still attractive to me :) I have one particular bag to let go but once I clean her I feel so attached to her. I bought the bag in Singapore 8 years ago and hardly use the bag. But still I love her...huhuhu...

These bags are looking for a new owner :p

The first two bags were taken already. I'm so glad because someone else are interested in them. The red one is never used while the snakeskin alike was used occasionally. 

Now, I am offering another three to you. Yes, you! Whoever interested please leave your email in the comment section. I will contact you. For friends please text me if you are interested to have them. What is the price? I am not selling these items but I am thinking of a book as a reciprocal. Any books preferably non-fiction ones. Deal? Great! 

Good luck! 

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