Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Colorfy... a way to chill!

Though reading is always been my favorite pass time habit, sometimes I find it is difficult for me to read especially when I have a little time to kill. For instance waiting for Abang to finish his school. 

Normally i'll visit blogs of those in my blog list and that's it. It will leave me about 15 minutes of free time. To read a physical book while waiting for him is quite a challenge. This is because Lil' B's present. She'll move around in the car, front to the back and forth. She likes to play with everything in the car; radio buttons, coins box, window button etc. Her favorite is the hazard lamp button :p 

A day before yesterday I read an article about book coloring activities for adults. It is a growing trend among adults to de-stress. I'm not stress but it is about fulfilling my pass time with something of benefits. I love coloring and this activity is very much welcomed. Remember I am a lefthanded person so I'm very good at art OK? As they say... :p

It intrigued me so much. I can't wait to try so I downloaded an app called 'Colorfy' as suggested by the author. Its really amazing! I became an instant artist you. Hahaha... 

These are my pieces; 

Awesome right? 
Try out yourselves. 

If you want a coloring books for adults there are plenty of them. Check it out! 


  1. heheheh...saya pon donload benda main color2 :-)

  2. Kan? Tp lagi best kot kalau dpt pegang the real color pencils he he.