Friday, 19 June 2015

Of Being Positive

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My friend Nowwa the Dessert Queen recently posted a good thing to ponder in her blog.

Nowwa, as she is fondly known is a homebaker who made a name for herself. She has thousands of followers in her media social and hundreds of people took her cooking classes. She even takes the advantage of advanced technology to conduct online classes for baking. 

Apart from a successful home-based entrepreneur she is also an avid traveller. According to her, she is an avid traveller first then a homebaker :) she has been to many places in the world, from middle east to the Europe. Since she works for her own, she has freedom to travel anytime anywhere, supported by the strong financial support owing to her successful business ventures. Thus, she remains humble and grounded.

What I love most in her recent blog post is her tips on how to deal with negative people. Since she chose her own path in shaping her life she was critised. Some didn't believe that she could one day succeed in pursuing her dreams. But she was determined and resilient.

She is quoted as saying,"avoid, not hate. Stay away (from the negative people) but not cutting off the relationship". As simple as that! Bravo Nowwa!

Let us take this opportunity in this bountiful Ramadhan to forgive and forget those who hurt us, and becoming more positive in our daily life. Stop all negative feeling towards others and count our blessing. Each and everyone of us has what it takes to become a successful person, in our own way. Insha Allah.

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