Wednesday, 24 June 2015


So what time do you wake up far sahur? 

As for me, I set the alarm at 3.50 am for the first wake up call :) do I wake up then? It depends but normally I would ignore it. Hahaha.. The 3.50 am alarm is actually set as a reminder for me to get ready to wake up. I will wait until 4.00 to wake up in case I need to cook a fresh meal. If I just need to reheat the food then  4.15 am is ideal for me to wake up.  

The rest of the family would wake up at 5.00 and by 5.15 we will have our sahur. So far we have no problem in waking up Abang for sahur. He is very cooperative when it comes to eating hahaha... 


  1. hehhe...akak, sama la... kalo alarm pagi, ada alarm utk bgtau get ready utk bangun. second alaram baru bangun betui2 :-)

    1. Kannn... sempat golek2 dulu b4 bangun betoi2... hehe