Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Pal!

Phew! This happened almost two weeks ago. I was very preoccupied with my sewing project and forgot to upload Angah's birthday story here. 

We had a small celebration at home just like last year.  Even the food were almost the same, KFC and nasi goreng from umi's kitchen. Obviously no Vitagen this year. Last year he wanted Vitagen as his birthday present so we made a vitagen twin tower for him. Hehe... this he wanted a choc cake so his wish is granted. I bought a choc cake and spilled the M&M over the cake as decoration. He was happy with the idea because he loves chocolate very much. 

Birthday present from Tok Umi.
Dia request lori tanah!
And from us we gave him a crane truck. He is passionate about big trucks/lorry/heavy vehicles. Kalau kemana2 nampak bas or lori dia akan mention to us ~ lori sampah, lori minyak, bas express, bas rapid etc. He can identify each of them correctly.

May the One protect you always, dear honey bunny Angah . We love u sooooo much! 


  1. reminded me of my younger brother...masa kecik2 dulu cukup taksub ngan lori...siap cita2 nk jadik driver lori lagik... ahahahha :-P
    Happy belated bday Angah, smg menjadi anak yg soleh, dikurniakan kejayaan dunia & akhirat...

  2. Tq auntie nina.. Angah pun sama, nak bawak lori esp lori sampah... hehe