Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kuih Keria aka Donut Keledek

It happened yesterday.

 As I woke up from my afternoon nap, my stomach (or rather my brain) was telling me "lapar..lapar". I went straight to the kitchen and had a bowl of pengat keledek or my kampung folks call it serawa ubi. I made the dish earlier while preparing for lunch. As I enjoyed the sweetness of the keledek, I was thinking of making a keledek-based dish for my better half and the kids as they don't like the serawa.

I decided to try kuih keria. It looks like a doughnut but smaller in size, less gebu and the dough is made of keledek and small portion of flour as compared to doughnut where we use flour as the main ingredient.

 This is how my kuih keria looks like;

It turned out well except the sira part. I failed to make it so I decided to sprinkle the sugar on them. That's why I call it kuih keria aka donut keledek :)

Please go to kakinakl's blog for the resepi. She also shows how to do the sira process.

 Happy trying!

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