Monday, 9 February 2015

Homemade Lamb Chop & Chicken Chop


 Every morning I would take out fish/meat stored in the freezer and place it in the sink to thaw. After that I will decide what to cook. My reference would always be from blogs. 

The same routine was for yesterday. Once the lamb was thawed I put it into my trusted slow cooker. Boiled it to tender. At this point of time, I still didn't make up my mind on the menu :)

I was considering kurma kambing but I was run out of  kurma powder. Then I decided to try making a lamb chop. And chicken chop for the kids. 

First I marinade the lamb and chicken. Put them in the fridge. These menus were for dinner. 

Since Balqis were sleeping I took the opportunity to prepare the black pepper sauce. Omai! It's sooo easy to make. 

I paied them with coleslaw and simple stir-fried vegs. Here they are;

 Chicken chop

This one was super delicious. Thanks to Ideal Recipes for sharing the secret :). The result is beyond my expectation. Please try!

Lamb chop

There was a strong smell and taste of garlic I guess. Though it was a good try but I believed it needs some improvements from my side. First I didn't grilled it until brown. I can still taste the raw garlic once I bite the lamb. Secondly I should not boil the meat at the first place. It lost its juice and sweetness during the process. Lessons learned!

The best part was the black pepper sauce. It was super awesome. I owed to Lina PG  for both the lamb chop and the sauce recipes. 

Take care.


  1. Salam. Hee rajinnya buat steak.

  2. Salam kenal . thanks for dropping by.. rajin2 le singgah ye :)

  3. Tq for trying black pepper sauce...
    Salam kenal dr LiNa Pg

  4. Tq for trying black pepper sauce...
    Salam kenal dr LiNa Pg