Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014!

So how's your new year resolution? Here and there people are talking about the new year resolution. For me I like to keep it personal. We'll see at the end of the year wether it is done or not. I feel its more challenging that way. Of course I've list down my targets for this year, so that I'll be on track in achieving the target. But as a Muslim we must have a niat to make ourselves better not only at the beginning of a new year but everyday is a better day for us.  

However, I do have one or two new year resolutions that I wanna share. My aim for this year is to live a healthier life by eating more healthy food, reducing some kilos and more exercises. Saying that, no more daily nasi goreng, nasi lemak or any nasi-based menu for breakfast. Also need to avoid is susu pekat manis which I regularly take twice a day with tea. It will help me reduce my weight too because sugar can make us fat you know? I cannot skip my meal because i'm breastfeeding my baby. What I need to do is to avoid unhealthy food. I gained 12.5kg during my recent pregnancy but Alhamdulillah the baby fat are gone. Only 1kg would like to stay with me, which I'm dying to get rid off with few kilos from my existing weight. 

For the exercise part, i need my body to stay fit that's why i need to do more exercise. Thanks to my kids which made me running here and there...:). But on serious note, i need the formal ones. Jogging and brisk walking are in my plan. I've a big and special project later this year which will require my physical and mental strength so I need to practice from now. Wish me luck! 

Lastly, i would like to share some new year resolutions from my fav The Star columnist, Mr Soo Ewe Jin, which i wish to follow:-
  1. Watch the sunrise outside your house - wake up early and step outside. 
  2. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all
  3. Write a thank you letter or note
  4. Treat your body with gentle loving care
  5. Pick up the trash
  6. Switch off your smartphone for a day
  7. Pay someone's bill
  8. Go to a nursing home, dyliasis centre or cancer support centre
  9. Make a promise to spend time with someone and keep it
  10. Say thanks to the "forgotten" folk -cleaner, sweeper, postman etc
May we have a blessed year ahead! 

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