Saturday, 25 March 2017

Farewell "Mr Kita Buat Dia"

His working philosophy is "kita buat dia". He applied this philosophy in his daily routines and encouraged his teammates/colleagues to always believe that there is always a way out (solution) to a problem/issue. If option A fail, then you have options B to Z to choose from. Everything is manageable and do not simply give up. 

He has been working for the company for more than 6 years and finally called it a day. This is the second farewell they have had for him. In 2013 he was transferred to another department and based in Shah Alam. After 3 months, he was recalled back to the head office. This time he leaves the company for good. 

He established a strong friendship not only  with his colleagues but their families too. He and his family turned up at almost every events; family days, weddings, iftar sessions, raya gathering, majlis aqiqah etc. 

Quoting his superior farewell speech, "ini bukan pilihan yang tidak tepat utk dia dan keluarga" boosted his morale and confirmed his choice. He has been aiming to work in this industry and when the opportunity came, he accepted the offer to broaden his career and to provide a better life for his family. Insha Allah.

The moments spent with this great and supportive IAD family are truly appreciated. He and his family are honored and thankful for being a part of this family. It was a wonderful experience knowing each and everyone of them. 

Judging from the reaction, well wishes and gift presented to him yesterday, I can conclude that he is well-liked, respected and loved by many. May Allah bless him always, ease his days and shower him with guidance,  love and support at his new place. 

 From his colleagues

From Atiq & Atiqah. 
You two should see his super happy and grateful face when he saw the gift. Thank you very much for giving this precious gift, for making his wish a dream comes true. And thank you for making my life harder; I need to think of other gift for his upcoming birthday :p 

Share boleh? Hahaha...

Last but not least, from his best buddy, Akmal he got a Kedah jersey. Fabulous!
He was touched because he knew how much sacrifice his buddy made in giving him this jersey. 

Adik pun dapat jugak.
Again, tq atiq & atiqah.

All the best "Mr Kita Buat Dia"!
And if you are wondering, " Mr Kita Buat Dia " is none other than my beloved hubby:)

Keep us in your prayer and see you again when we see you :)



  1. Wah....ayah yg berhenti, anak beranak pun dapat hadiah hihi...syok betul. Mama punya hadiah tak mau tunjuk ke?
    Gud Luck untuk hubby awak ye PH....semoga penghijrahan kali ini diberkati.

  2. Takde Kak, bukan taknak tunjuk huhu...

    Tq akak, doakan ye