Tuesday, 15 November 2016

ZEVE Shoes

My husband has a special interest in shoes. In fact he has more shoes than mine. Selipar aja dah 2-3 pasang; kat ofis satu, kat rumah satu, yang beli tak pakai pun ada :)

Satu hari tu kita terbaca satu artikel dalam harian metro (e-paper) kalau tak silap, tentang seorang usahawan bumiputera yang menghasilkan dan menjual kasut. Ada kilang di Gombak. Terus kita sent the link to hubby. 

Guess what? Terus dia google address & terjah website Zeve ni. And lady luck was at his side too. The company was having their 1st anniversary sale at that time (last October). Lompat bintang le bang-aji :p

He contacted the owner and made a visit to their shop at the Etiqa Twin Tower. How strategic the location is; at the prime area. We are impressed with the owner's business strategy. And proud too! 

He has a product and he knows how to market the product well and make it an impressive and exclusive product. Actually hubby pernah beli this kind of handmade shoes but it was an ordinary one though the price is almost the same with Zeve's discounted price. The shoes are in good quality but packaging wise it is not. Dapat kasut je, kotak pun tarak :p maybe that pakcik didn't know how to add value to his products and make it more marketable.

On the other hand, Zeve Handmade Shoes come with a very exclusive packaging which definitely raise the standard of the products and look more appealing to the customers. 

Kagum betul kakjah dengan tapak kayu tu.
Menarik & unique kan...

See? Nadeen pun excited dengan kasut ni :)
Cek dapat beg ja...hahaha

Tapi takpa, Bang-aji promised to buy me a pair of Clark's since Zeve does not sell ladies shoes. Turn kita la lompat bintang pulak! 

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