Saturday, 15 October 2016

Selamat Pengantin Baru Faiz & Hana


That day, was their big day. Their akad nikah was held a day earlier. We were not there as hubby was working but Umi & Ayah were there, witnessing the very special moment. 

This couple impressed me a lot. First, they went as far as Jitra just to personally invite my PIL. By the way, Faiz is umi's nephew. They also dropped at our place for the same reason. While they can just invite us via family  WhatsApp-group but they chose a different way, a traditional way. It makes us feel special :) not only us but they went to other relatives' houses for that purpose. 

Meanwhile Hana the bride was so discipline in following her diet. She was losing more than 20 kilos after ditching nasi from her daily meals, shortly after their engagement last year. She looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day. Worthy effort dear!

Cantik sangat pelamin ni. Serious!

Feeling2 artist kawin gitew :) meriah dari lobby hingga ke dewan 

Baju kurung Kakak tu I bought @Aeon a night before. RM20 je, post raya sale. 

Their wedding reception was held at Sg Long Golf & Country Club. It was a simple but an intimate event. Only 500 guests were invited. The food was nice and the ambiance were superb. Alhamdulillah.

Again, selamat pengantin baru faiz & Hana. May you have a blissful marriage and you two are blessed with endless happiness, abundance of wealth and
beautiful kids.