Friday, 17 February 2017

Balik Kampung 01/17

Selain diberi rezeki menginap di Ixora Hotel, kami juga diberi-Nya rezeki balik kampung. Alang-alang dah sampai Penang, haruslah kita balik Kedah kan.

Beberapa hari sebelum tu Kakak asyiklah mengajak balik kampung. Rupanya dalam masa yang sama Tok Umi & Tok Ayah juga sedang merancang untuk datang menziarah cucu2 di KL. Pakat memendam rindu rupanya :)

Kami sampai Jitra jam 4.30 ptg, besoknya pukul 12.30 t/hr dah bertolak balik KL. Tak sampai 24 jam pun tapi puashati sangat. Dapat ziarah keluarga kedua belah pihak. Nikmat rasanya dapat menatap wajah orang tua kita kan. Apatah lagi dapat peluk cium merekakan. Alhamdulillah.

Potong kek untuk bday bulan Jan-Mar
Makngah tu kita la :)

Time pregnant kan Adik tempohari kita memang teringin nak makan magnum pink tapi sampai sudah tak beli2. Bila nak beli asyik beli magnum chocolate je. Tapi yg dalam gambar ni cornetto RV bukan Magnum. Oklah tu. Adik pun dah nak berjalan dah! 

Malamnya kami pakat makan di Restoran Nasi Mendy di Tanah Merah. Taste wise OK but ambience biasa2 je. Kena revisit to give fair review utk restoran ni sebab that night I was so exhausted. Plus Adik pun demam selsema time tu, asyik nak menempel je.  

Singgah kejap kampung kita. Hamboi meriah betul semak samun maklumlah takde penjaga. Sempat juga minum teh di dangau k.di, dua pupu kita merangkap jiran terdekat. Makcik pun ada sama. Rasa macam datang beraya pulak! Tapi terkilan sangat, tak dapat jumpa P.Lang. Rasa rindu juga dekat bapa saudara sepupu kita ni. 

Penutupnya, kita ziarah Mak dan Kak. Mak nampak sihat dan bahagia. Alhamdulillah. Anak2 pun bukan main gembira dapat jumpa Tok. Angah siap makan nasi Tok suapkan. Manja! 

Singkat tapi sangat bermakna. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Luaskan kuasamu...

Last month Tok Umi and Tok Ayah went to Singapore and JB. This was considered as birthday treat to Tok Umi who celebrated her birthday on that month. They made a stop at JB and stayed there for a couple of nights. 

This loving couple has traveled to too many places; Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and of course around the country and the Haramain a couple of times. 

And the best thing is they never forget to bring us souvenirs every time they travel :) we have a collection of t-shirts they bought for us and they number keep growing as they keep traveling. Hahaha...

These ones from Johor!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sudu & Knife by Cafe Mesra Ria

We regularly patron this cafe for so many years. In fact, it was my hubby's eating spot when he was a bachelor. Thus we knew the owner quite well. It was K.Maria and her husband who started the business and now her son takes over the business. K.Maria remains as the cook.

As K.Maria still leading the kitchen, the menu offered are still the same since the early years of their operation. This cafe has a variety of food, operating from day to night.  They offered a range of menu for  breakfast including nasi lemak, nasi goreng, mee, soto etc. A must try menu is roti jala, champions by k.Ros, their loyal and friendly staff. As for lunch, they have lauk campur and ala carte. Fully western menu are offered at night. 

Recently the cafe undergone a renovation and make over. From a typical and humble cafe, it becomes a modern and more comfortable one. 

This cafe located at Sri Gombak, the same row with restoran haji imran and 7-Eleven. 
Please visit this cafe if you are within this vicinity.  

Monday, 6 February 2017

Ixora Hotel Butterworth

We have a great staycation at this hotel last week. It was a last minute arrangement. Alhamdulillah.

This 4-star hotel located near the main road so it is easy to find. Next to the hotel is Pacific Megamall Penang. 

One thing that piqued my interest about the hotel is if offers a room with direct access to the pool. We never experienced this so we were very excited but at the same time worried. What if our kids suddenly jump into the pool ? Hahaha...

Our room, deluxe king are very spacious and comfortable. The room rate is rm254.64. It is a value for money deal. It comes with a king bed and a sofa bed. Very convenience for the six of us. 

Now, let me open the door and see what we have at our backyard :)

Step out of the room and you will find these;

Mini playground

A gym on your left

A gazebo 

Kids pool on the right

Adult pool

Since we were literally had the pool for ourselves, I took the opportunity to play with the kids in the water because it was so easy for me to get back into the room with the semi-wet clothes. No need to change my clothes or if needed, the changing room is very comfortable and clean. Should we have more time, I would love to try the gym facilities also. 

The food for breakfast also good. Abang supposedly need to pay rm28 but the cashier said to Walid "never mind Sir". Rezeki Abang, alhamdulillah. 

The only thing I would suggest for the hotel is to provide hand held bidet. It is helpful if we need to wash/cleanse our toddlers
 especially when they ease themselves. 

Other than that we are more than happy and satisfied. In fact, we are looking forward for another opportunity to stay here again. Insha Allah.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Taman Eko Rimba Sg Tua

One of Abang's classmates went to a resort at Sg Tua. His mom sent few photos of him having a great time at the resort. I was excited to bring our kids there since the place is quite near to our home. 

We didn't not bring any food, spare clothes, towels etc because our mission is to recce the place first. We found out that the resort has a lot to offer; chalet by the river, kids pool, ATV, archery etc. A lot can be done here. We will come back next time, insha Allah.

We drove along the road leading to ulu yam and found few more resorts/chalets and also public recreational spots such as Taman Eko Rimba. We stopped here and treated the kids with ice scream. Apart from this ice cream seller, there was a couple selling fried mee/kue tiau and keropok lekor. Definitely you need to bring your own food if you are coming here. 

The entrance fee (yes, there is charge to enter this park) is rm1 for adult and rm0.50 for children. This place is suitable for family outing or company's gathering. Basic amenities like surau and toilets are available. 

The guard house.
Buy your ticket here

We spent less than one hour here, just cuci mata :p. Lagipun perut dah lapar.

First time naik titi ayun, thrilled & excited.
We will come again, with food of course :p

Friday, 27 January 2017

Monkey Attack!

I placed Adik onto the walker and gave her a ball to play with. I took a copy of newspaper and sat by the door. Adik was sitting near the shoe rack. 

Suddenly I heard she screamed and cried. Before I could glance at her, I heard Kakak said; "cat!". No it wasn't a cat, it was a MONKEY! 

I grabbed her and tried to scare away the monkey. He stepped back but didn't run. I handed Adik to Abang and throw a shoe to him. He backed off but still sitting on the fence. I took a cloth hanger and threw it to him. Yes! It hit him and he ran away. I checked on Adik's head, face and hands and alhamdulillah everything was OK. She also stopped crying.

However, not long after Abang noticed there were few scratchers on her chest. My heart stopped! 

The monkey has attacked Adik. He tried to grab the ball I guessed. He might thought the ball which Adik was holding was a fruit, judging from the color, orange. 

We then discovered another wound on Adik's back. This one was worse. About 4-inch cut. I couldn't bring myself to imagine how she got the cut. The monkey possibly jumped onto her back. It was horrible! 

Day 1

Day 2
It's getting better

This monkey has been roaming in our neighborhood for months. We usually see him on the trees, roof and sometimes on our neighbors' verandah. He never come to our porch before. I am thinking of reporting the case to the authority to prevent another untoward incidents in the future. 

We must be extra careful next time. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Dah cabut...

I was in the kitchen. Suddenly Angah came; 

"Umi...Umi...gigi Angah goyang! 
(Showing the teeth)

" Aah la Angah, nanti kita cabut ye..."

"Angah nak pi hospital nanti..."

Then i heard abang said;
"Tak payahlah Angah. Mahal. Tiga puluh lima ringgit tau Abang cabut hari tu"


It was on Tuesday.

On Thursday, once he stepped out of the school van, he ran towards me and happily announced; 
"Umi! Gigi Angah dah cabut!"
Cikgu Lin cabutkan!

Good job cikgu!