Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Resolution I - Kitchen Cleanliness

I am compiling some material for my year end entry and while doing so, I'm copying here a useful advise taken from The Star on how to manage our kitchen. It's actually a reminder for me - to keep my "little paradise' at best at all time! I am kinda person who like to wash big pile of the dishes at once usually after all the cooking are done. So its gonna my new year resolution to keep my kitchen clean while working / cooking.

Ok, let's take a look at the tips:-
1. It is better to clean up as you go along, rather than having to wash a big pile of dishes at the end of the day
2. spend few minutes wiping down all the counters at the end of the night
3. Use nicely scented cleaner so that the kitchen will have a lovely smell in the morning
4. a quick wipe with damp cloth will keep the handles of appliances clean
5. the sink needs a good scrub as a sparkling sink helps to keep the kitchen area inviting and a pleasure to work in
5. wash up the dirty dishrags and towels and bring out fresh ones for the new day

Credit: The Star, 31 Dec 2012

So its gonna be my new year resolution! 

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