Monday, 7 January 2013

Resume of Resume

Saya rasa terpanggil untuk berkongsi rasa tentang gelagat segelintir generasi kini (generasi Y terutamanya) terutama dari aspek memohon pekerjaan. Sebagai HOD, saya bertanggungjawab menapis permohonan-permohonan (resume) yang dihantar ke syarikat serta menyenarai pendek (shortlist) calon-calon untuk ditemuduga. Juga terlibat dalam proses temuduga. 

Semakin hari semakin mengecewakan resume yang saya terima. Beberapa 'kesalahan' yang sering dilakukan ialah:-

1. Tiada Cover Letter / Introduction
Please put an extra effort. To me receiving a resume without cover letter is like you just masuk rumah orang without salam! If you are too busy, it OK if you just write few lines of intro as an accompanying note to your resume. That's it. 

Definitely, I'll give a point for the applicants yang sertakan sekali cover letter/introduction. For me, you are a serious applicant.

2. Tiada Gambar
We are comfortable with the saying that don't judge a book by its cover, aren't we? We are not judging you from the photo but it's best if we could see how is your look or better say you appearance (penampilan). We are not looking for a model here so don't worry if you are not handsome / beautiful because what matters to us is your penampilan, attitude, personality and your kesesuaian with the job. Don't 'shy' to post your photo in your resume next time k?
3. Subjek@Tajuk Email Tiada / Salah
When receiving an email, I appreciate it very much if the tittle / subject is properly written. It took less than 3 minutes I guess to write " Application for the Post of ...." or Resume Siti....." and please don't write title like "Resume Si Cantik Manis..." etc. Come on dear, you are dealing with professionals, so you should show us your maturity. Again, it shows your attitude.

4. Typo Error Dalam Resume
Adus, please check your resume again and again before submitting to your potential employers. Check juga font, margin etc... come on, you are competing with hundreds of others so you have to present your self at your level best 
5. Outdated Resume
Me: It stated here you are leaving your company at 2011.. so you have 1 year gap, what did you do? 
Oh, maaf puan. Itu resume lama. bla...bla... 

6.  Tiada Maklumat Referee
Naturally, I'll be very reluctant to call this kinda person untuk interview. Resumenya tidak lengkap for may be he/she wants to hide s/thing of her/his past. That's my opinion. Please be honest. It is also not good to name your parents or siblings or immediate family members as your referee. Please be more transparent. Takkan saya nak call your dad and ask him how about your son? Ok ke dia buat keja? Disiplin macam mana? Bla..bla.. the best is to name your former / past employers and for 1st timers boleh name your lecturers as your referee. 
Seingat saya, sewaktu di U dulu kami wajib mengambil subjek Business Communication, in which we were taught how to write a resume, the dos and the don't s etc. And we took the subject seriously. Saya tidak pasti zaman sekarang bagaimana, but if you are serious there are a lot of samples of good resumes you can find in the internet. Antara mahu dan tidak sahaja...

p/s: Makcik kalau marah memang speaking London!

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