Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tak pregnant pun cuma...

All the pregnancy symptoms were there; nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite and sleepy. Not to mention laziness 😊.  Plus a troubled tummy. And cramped leg. And together they knocked me down for 2 days. All I did was lying on the bed, tried to sleep and relieve all the pain in my body. Did they work? NO! Because Adik would come to me every time she saw me on the bed and request to be breastfed 😕 I need to push her away for a few times. Kesian Adik. 

It started that night when Adik was having difficulty to sleep. She got an upset tummy I guess. She kept bf from night to dawn to sooth herself. Though her eyes were closed but her mouth keep sucking 😇 it deprived me of a good sleep that night and the outcome was terrible. I felt miserable the next morning.

After sending angah to school, I slept until 10 am and when I woke up my stomach was already 'masuk angin'. I took a spoon or two of nasi goreng and feel like vomiting. Dush! I really don't like this feeling honestly. Lapaq gila tapi takleh makan 😢 

That night I just took an apple for dinner. Such a big achievement if I were on diet 😁 hubby cook nasi goreng for him and the kids because I didn't feel like cooking. The same feeling I felt eveytime I was pregnant in the first trimester. Not only no cooking but I dare not enter the kithchen. Busuk bawang! Hahaha... 

The pain of hungry (it is painful guys), sleepy, nausea and perut berkeroncong continue until yesterday.  But slowly I recovered. I put an aromatherapy oil around my neck and had a good 20-minute sleep before Adik woke me up again 😕 but alhamdulillah though it was short, but I feel better and fresher. I guess the culprit behind this miserable episode was lack of sleep. If I were to blame anyone it must be Adik 😁

And today, to make up for the two-day loss of appetite I treated myself with a pack of nasi lemak with sambal paru. Ohsem!. 


  1. Ish, ish..begitu teruk gejala kurang tido ek, hihi. Tapi apa salahnya kalo pegnen pun, adik pun dah besarkan.
    Wah, baiknya cik abang tolong masakkan, boleh goreng nasi lagi tu Kira Okla tu. Suami akk pun pandai goreng telur Angus haha.
    Nasi lemak sambal paru, wow..sodap eh.

    1. Jgn buat main Kak kalau x cukup tido ni hehe..itu belum masuk lagi mood swing :p

      Cukuplah kot, dah tua dah huhu...

      Bolehlah Kak cik Abg masak lepas lah utk makan anak beranak haha

  2. Wah PH...sakit sakit terus speaking London ek hahaha....
    Tapi semuanya dah baik kan....alhamdulillah.
    Agaknya hormon tak stabil kot.
    Sebenarnya breastfeed ni meletihkan tau. Sebab belakang badan kita mcm tak rest....

    1. Hah itulah penangan sakit Kak. Elok sakit je terus speaking London :D

      Penat Kak bila baby asyik nyonyot je :(

  3. Glad to know that you have recovered!

    1. Yeah! Much better now. Ubat dia tido je PH :)

  4. ye faham sangat semua rasa2 tu pernah juga jadi macam tu, kufikirkan mengandung rupanya perut dah masuk angin hehehe...

    Alhamdulillah dah pulih