Thursday, 2 February 2017

Taman Eko Rimba Sg Tua

One of Abang's classmates went to a resort at Sg Tua. His mom sent few photos of him having a great time at the resort. I was excited to bring our kids there since the place is quite near to our home. 

We didn't not bring any food, spare clothes, towels etc because our mission is to recce the place first. We found out that the resort has a lot to offer; chalet by the river, kids pool, ATV, archery etc. A lot can be done here. We will come back next time, insha Allah.

We drove along the road leading to ulu yam and found few more resorts/chalets and also public recreational spots such as Taman Eko Rimba. We stopped here and treated the kids with ice scream. Apart from this ice cream seller, there was a couple selling fried mee/kue tiau and keropok lekor. Definitely you need to bring your own food if you are coming here. 

The entrance fee (yes, there is charge to enter this park) is rm1 for adult and rm0.50 for children. This place is suitable for family outing or company's gathering. Basic amenities like surau and toilets are available. 

The guard house.
Buy your ticket here

We spent less than one hour here, just cuci mata :p. Lagipun perut dah lapar.

First time naik titi ayun, thrilled & excited.
We will come again, with food of course :p

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