Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sudu & Knife by Cafe Mesra Ria

We regularly patron this cafe for so many years. In fact, it was my hubby's eating spot when he was a bachelor. Thus we knew the owner quite well. It was K.Maria and her husband who started the business and now her son takes over the business. K.Maria remains as the cook.

As K.Maria still leading the kitchen, the menu offered are still the same since the early years of their operation. This cafe has a variety of food, operating from day to night.  They offered a range of menu for  breakfast including nasi lemak, nasi goreng, mee, soto etc. A must try menu is roti jala, champions by k.Ros, their loyal and friendly staff. As for lunch, they have lauk campur and ala carte. Fully western menu are offered at night. 

Recently the cafe undergone a renovation and make over. From a typical and humble cafe, it becomes a modern and more comfortable one. 

This cafe located at Sri Gombak, the same row with restoran haji imran and 7-Eleven. 
Please visit this cafe if you are within this vicinity.