Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sambal Kuini

I went to my regular shopping spot, a wet market today. I spotted a couple selling buah kuini in front of the market entrance. I walked pass them and went directly to the chicken stall. Make order then proceed to buy fish.

Akak ikan: "Lama tak nampak akak? 
Me: Aah, bersalin hari tu...Abang je yang datang beli...

Last week I got the same question from adik jual ayam and I gave almost the same answer to him. I have been absent from the market since my 3rd trimester and only make a 'comeback' recently. Nadeen is now almost 8 months. Definitely they missed me because usually spend more than my hubby haha... 

I love going to the market on my own because 1) I don't have to prepare the shopping list, which is considered tedious.  Everything needed dalam kepala je. 2) it is shopping! Even buying groceries is considered shopping for me. Shopping kan terapi bagi orang pompuan :p 
jangan ingat surirumah tak stress ye...

Done with that, I stopped at the car where the pakcik makcik sell buah kuini. I bought two. Price per kg is rm8. Wow! Very pricey right? 

At home, I made sambal kuini. Lawannya petai bakar dan daun selom. Makan memang bertambah-tambah. Nak-nak pula ada ikan terubuk bakar. Mujuq mak mertua ada di Jitra. Kalau dak, confirm lalu belakang pun tak sedaq :p

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