Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Peknga aka Lempeng

Orang kota panggil lempeng.
Orang Kedah panggil peknga.
Orang baling panggil tepek :)

Why peknga or tepek? Because peknga means tepek atas belanga :p
I think it refers to the way it is prepared. We just simply tepek the batter on the pan and let it cook. 

My mother, Mak usually cooked this for our breakfast or tea, when I was young. It requires a simple ingredients; wheat flour, salt and water. Mix them well. And you are done with the batter. 

Most of the time, we ate tepek with sugar.  However, I like it the most when we had leftover fish curry because we can eat with tepek.  Unfortunately it was not so often. Very few occasions that we ate tepek with condensed milk. It was a luxury item for us during that time. My father, Pak would only bought condensed milk during bulan puasa and hari raya. 

Now I am happy to share this memory with my children. They enjoy eating tepek and I am very grateful to be able to provide them with something considered luxury for me during my childhood. Alhamdulillah. 

I added baking powder and condensed milk
to the original recipe.

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