Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I like keledek very much, whether it is pengat, keledek goreng or rebus. Sometimes we put it in masak lemak pucuk manis. Tambah pulak udang memang sedap. 

During my childhood we always consumed keledek kuning/putih, which we grew on our own. We called them ubi ketela. On the other hand, potato is called ubi gemala, my other favorite. 

Kuih keria untuk sarapan anak2 dan juga juadah berbuka semalam. Thanks K.Azie Kitchen for the recipe. 

I had my first bite of keledek oren when my primary schoolmate, Nora offered me to try. It was sweeter, more tender and better than keledek putih/kuning. I wish I could have more. However I never asked from my parents to buy keledek oren because I was afraid that they have to fork out more money just to satisfy my wish. I assumed that keledek oren must be pricey because it tastes better than keledek putih/kuning. Meanwhile, keledek ungu was beyond imagination at that time. 

Keledek goreng or cucur ubi, my all time favorite. 

Will try to make cucur badak next time when I buy keledek. Favorite jugak tu :)