Monday, 28 November 2016

Restoran Wadi Hadramawt

We stepped into this restaurant for our anniversary celebration. Hubby played the host so I let him chose the menu. We have been together as husband and wife for more than a decade. We have a blissful and happy marriage alhamdulillah. We are blessed with four beautiful, smart and healthy children. Of course we do have a fair share of ups and downs but we managed to overcome the situations. Alhamdulillah. 

Our best moment as husband and wife comes when we became a parent for the first time eight years ago. Abang arrived 18 days shy away from our 5th anniversary. I still remember both of us were crying while we hugged each other when I am tested positive for pregnancy. His arrival changed everything in our life. Earlier years was a very tough and difficult for us indeed. 

Another milestone for us is being able to perform hajj together. We aimed to perform the hajj before 40 and alhamdulillah the plan worked for us. We registered ourselves for hajj few months after we got married and made monthly saving for that purpose. It was a dream come true for us.

Back to the restaurant, our menu for that day were chicken khabsa, chicken mandy, half roasted chicken and arayes. I thought we ordered lamb khabsa but they served chicken instead. We were so hungry to complain so just go ahead with the food :p

I like the ambiance there but were quite distracted because Angah was having a bad day. He was crying while eating. Grrr.... The service and staff are above average. The food also tasty. Maybe we should pay another visit.

Thank you very much B. Not only for the treat but for all the years spent together.

"Grow older with me, the best is yet to come"

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