Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ramadhan Challenges

Alhamdulillah, it is day 5 of Ramadhan. I feel the clock is ticking faster, isn't it? For the 1st three days it was like 'lambatnya nak berbuka' feeling :) may be our body & soul are getting used to fasting. And we have adapted to the daily Ramadhan routine. Wake up for tahajjud, sahur, congregational Subuh prayer, tadarrus etc. It is indeed the daily schedule that Allah arranges for us, for our own sake, Masha Allah. If we can keep the Ramadhan spirit  throughout the year, I believe that we can function more effectively and becoming more productive.  

My day during Ramadhan starts as early as 4 a.m. We will start eating sahur around 5.15. This year is Abang's first attempt to fast. Alhamdulillah it is easy to wake him up for sahur but his will just eat a bit. 

He managed to fast for 2 days in a row but on the 3rd day he requested to break his fast after coming back from school. He was very thirsty on that day. I can see from his face. I asked him to get his Walid's permission. It was granted. Since he was not fasting, our home turned upside down! The 'most active kid in town' is back! I like it when he is fasting because he is less active, more obedient and less talking. Hahaha... I can save my energy too, no need to yell or nagging on him. Hihi..

We made a deal with him last nite, he can fast on alternate days. But on the off day he has to eat sahur and only break his fast after school. Can't wait to see him coming from school today!

On the other hand, managing Angah  during this fasting month is more challenging. He has bigger appetite! He will ask for food/drink almost every hour. Like it or not, i've to ensure that we have food ready for him. I'll leave some portion of sahur for him.

The preparation for iftar is manageable so far. My 8m/o anak dara is now in menjulur stage. She is my best companion in the kitchen. If I put her in the walker, she will find me there. If not, no problem. She will go by herself to the kitchen. She will play with the plates on the rack or anything within her reach. I'm OK as long as she doesn't disturb me :) of course I've to keep my eyes on her.

Looking forward for a blessed, meaningful and better life in this holy month and years to come. 

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