Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Busy Me...

My angles

It’s been a while since my last entry posted last month.  Since Mak left for kampung last week, I’ve to do ALL on my own – from household chores to taking care of the kids. And my pantang is NOT over yet…J  One more week to go. Chaiyok! 

Handling the kids is the toughest one I guess, especially Abang. Our hate-love relationship always gives headache to me. Hahaha… He is on school holiday now so he is with me ‘fulltime’. One minute we are the best of friend but minutes later I’m his worst enemy…J  His tantrums always turn me into a monster. Yup, I mean i. Just imagine me with eyes wide open, mouth pok pek.. very scary huh? I know it's ugly too...hehehe.. Then the drama starts…J If I scold him, he would scold me back then pull his face. Mind you, his words and behavior is sometime intolerable. And this is not acceptable at all. That’s why the fight starts easily between us…J But it never last long. After 5-minute break-up we will reconcile. He’ll come to me ask for forgiveness and promise me not to repeat the mistake. But then again… 

As for Angah, he is very well behaved and independent. Luckily he doesn’t entrap in the second child syndrome (thus far). But recently I noticed that since Mak left he’s quite demanding. He is very close with Mak and always gets his wish granted by his Tok. But overall he is not my ‘enemy’…J Since he is only 2 and still in his diapers, he needs my help and attention in many ways – bathing, eating, playing etc. It requires a lot of my physical strength. 

My lil princess, Balqis is 38-day old today and such a very easy-to-manage baby. That’s why I can run the household chores quite easily. However, when the 3 of them require my attention at the same time, it’s very challenging. Normally priority will be given to lil Balqis, depends on the situation. Abang would be the last one to be attended to. That’s why he feels he is sidelined (sigh) and always throw his tantrums just to get our attention. 

Do I enjoy my motherhood? Of course! This is what I wanted to do and thanks Allah my prayer is answered. Even it means that I’ve to ‘fight’ with Abang every day, I don’t mind.  I’ll never trade these precious moments with anything else. Kids grow very fast and one day I gonna miss these moments.

Till then…

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  1. till then...n i am smiling too :)
    alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal