Thursday, 9 January 2014

So far so good...

In line with my new year resolution, I didn't take nasi for my lunch today. I ate nasi goreng this morning so no more nasi for lunch. I prepared fried macaroni with broccoli salad. Hrmmm...they made a good combination. 

In addition, I no longer use susu pekat manis for my teh tarik. I use fresh milk instead. Not bad. The idea is not to drastically change my diet but to find the substitute of the food taken. Nasi is a must for me but I am trying to take it twice a day rather than thrice a day as I always do esp during my confinement period. 

It seems that everything goes well at this time. We'll see how far I can go with my new year resolution. There is my niece wedding at the end of this month, followed by kenduri aqiqah for lil B, hope I can stick with my food regime. Surely its gonna be a lot of delicious food. Masakan kampung you know. They always tempting, right? 

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