Saturday, 9 May 2015

Mandurah Hotel Kuantan

I must admit that first time I saw the hotel's name on our way to Kuantan, I was like "tak pernah dengar pun nama hotel ini, OK ke?". That was my thought bcoz hubby kept telling me that the venue for the family day is duta sands beach resort. He never mentioned about the hotel name but only informed me that we will be staying at a hotel instead of Duta's chalets. I guess he also had no idea about the hotel :)

However when we arrived at the hotel I was sooooo please to see the hotel. It is a newly opened hotel in which we are among their first guests. In fact our group is the first group to stay there. I was so happy because the organizer chose the hotel over the chalets. The chalets looked abandoned and dull and need a facelift to regain its charm. In fact this place is going to be renovated soon. On the other hand, the hotel stands tall and welcoming.

Come I show you!

We are booked at a family room with 2-queen size beds. Angah  was eager to discover the room :)

Accompanied with 3 large windows facing the sea. This photo is taken from our room. Isn't it  a breathtaking view?

I peeped thru the window to see the sunset and sunrise. Heaven! 

The powder room and mini pantry are attached to the bathrooms. Did I mentioned that this family room has two bathrooms? Awesome!

Private beach at the back of the hotel. 
I really love this place and hope to come here again, perhaps in a near future. 

At first, we were a little bit upset when we were told that the swimming pool was under renovation. But who needs swimming pool when you have a beautiful sandy beach like this one right?

Till then. 
Happy weekend! 


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    1. Aah mcm studio room.. kot nina pi sana request for seaview room. Berbaloi2...

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  3. Family Suite room with 2 king size bed inside